Alteration  Prices

Bride and Groom on Beach

Prices for Bridal gown alterations vary from dress to dress and the type of fabrics used. Send us photos of your dress and a description of what work needs doing and I'll do my best to give you a rough quote ( exact cost will be determined at your first fitting) . Generally Its best to budget around the £200-£300 price mark.  If your dress has lacework/ beadwork that needs to be removed prior to alterations this is where the price increases. Hems range from £95 (for plain) up to £250 so please bear this in mind when choosing your dress. Prices also include fittings, insurance, storage and steaming.

Bridesmaids, Flowergirls & Mother of the bride/groom dresses.

Bride and Bridesmaids

For standard bridesmaid dresses with plain hems and no beadwork we charge £30-£40* per hem shortening, £30-£40* for side seam adjustments & £10-£20 for straps.*

For Mother of the bride/groom outfits we charge £50* for hem shortening, £45* for plain side seams and £15 for straps.*

* All prices are a guide and dependant on the structure and embellishment of the dress.