First Appointment

This is the first opportunity to discuss with us the amendments that you require on your gown. Your dress will be pinned to your figure and height and should you wish to add or remove any elements don't be afraid to ask. We have a selection of bridal belts & veils in store so if you don't have these we would be happy for you to try these on at this time.

What should I bring?

Please bring your shoes, underwear & petticoat (if your wearing one) and of course your dress.

During the spring/summer months it is advisable to contact us around 12 weeks before. We will then book you in around 8 weeks before your wedding day for your first fitting.

Wedding Dress

Can I bring family & friends to the fittings?

We encourage you to bring someone along to enjoy the experience with you, however please note no food or drinks can be brought into the shop.

There is enough space for 2 friends or family members to sit and watch the fittings, children are welcome but it is best that they come with a adult to supervise them. If all bridesmaids dresses need altering its best just for the bride & bridesmaids to attend as space will be limited.

Second appointment

During your second fitting your dress will have been altered. If your dress has lace appliqués or beadwork these will not be sewn back on until your happy with the fit.  We pin the lace work back into place so you can get a good idea of what your gown will look like when completed. We will get you walking around and sitting comfortably in your gown at this fitting & if there is any slight adjustments still to be made, your gown will be re pinned. 



What should I bring to the second fitting?

Please bring your shoes, petticoat and the same underwear that you wore to the first fitting.

Lace Wedding Dress

At the end of your second fitting we will either arrange a third fitting or a collection date and time. The fees for alterations should be settled at the end of this fitting.

Please note: If your weight has changed since your first fitting due to dieting and / or exercise and your dress needs to be taken in again, the cost for this will be added to your invoice.

Third fitting & Collection

If we have arranged a third fitting you'll pop the dress back on and the same applies as to the second fitting.


Your dress will be completely finished ( beadwork / lace work sewn back on ) and your dress will be steamed and ready for collection.

We love this day and seeing our excited and happy brides the day before their wedding!

A Warm Embrace

If you would like your dress sooner please let us know and we will get your gown pressed and ready for you.  If you are planning a destination wedding, feel free to bring your travel bag/box and acid free tissue paper and we'll pack your dress for you free of charge. Let us know at your fittings so that we can book a longer collection appointment.